How to fix VW “no key found in vehicle” and “immobilizer active” error? Try these methods.

Many car owners feedback their VW car appear “no key found in vehicle” or “immobilizer active” message in dashboard and can’t start for no reason after one night, but they drove them very well yesterday. Some people may consider the problem is on key or battery, they go to dealer or locksmith to get the battery replaced but no work, and sometimes workable if reprogram the key.

These two errors are common in VW models like Passat and Tiguan. Here we will share what reason cause the error and how to fix them.

The errors is caused by EEPROM chip data loss or data corruption in dashboard. If the data only lost a little bit, reprogram the key is workable, but if too much, can’t fix via reprogramming. Below is the methods to fix above errors. If you happen to have one of two errors next time, you can refer to the method to solve.

1. Fix method on error “no key found in vehicle”.

We take VW Tiguan for example to demonstrate. Many locksmith have the device VVDI2, connect it with dashboard to read EEPROM data, you will find all key ID is empty with FFFFFFFF. VVDI2 can’t fix the error, need to manual fix it.

If the key ID stored in EEPROM chip is same as the car key ID, the key fob will start the car. So what we need to do is write the key ID into EEPROM chip.


Check following steps to write the chip:

1. Disassemble the dash from car, open the dash and find EEPROM chip #95320 on electronic board, read the chip with key programmer like VVDI Prog or Yanhua key master and save the data.


2. Disassemble the dash from another normal VW Tiguan, read the EEPROM chip #95320 and save the data.

3. Compare the data, we will find the bytes in row 4B0 to 500 all changed to 3131 in the error car, these bytes should have recorded the key ID.



4. Read the key with key copier like VVDI key tool, Mini 900 or Handy Baby. Write down the key ID.

5. The key ID need to switch position when written to EEPROM dump. For example: Key ID: D0 6C 74 31, we should write 31 74 6C D0 in dump.


6. Writing key ID complete, save the dump and write it back to chip #95320.

Some locksmith have more advanced key programmer that can read the dashboard via OBD port will save a lot of time and work without disassembling dash.


2. Fix method on error “immobilizer active”.

There are two method to fix this error. We can try to use method 1 to fix without disassemble, if not go through, turn to method 2.

Method 1: repair programmable by VVDI2

1. Connect VVDI2 with car via OBD port, choose dashboard to read immobilizer data and save the dump. If data error has occurred, the system will require you do not continue the operation like make dealer key or learn key. For old dashboard, it will ask you if recover data, we select “yes”, the system will start to recover the data and save the data when complete, then we load the recovered data to system and write it back to dash, reprogram the key and the error will disappear and the car can start again. For some newer dashboard, the system is not support to recover data, we need to turn to method 2.

Method 2: manual recover data

1. Disassemble the dash from car, open and find the EEPROM chip #95320 on electronic board, desolder the chip and read it with key programmer like VVDI Prog or Yanhua key master, save the data at last.

2. We need to compare the data with a normal data from another car with same model to find where data corruption is. We checked the bytes with blue underline in row 430 to 460 all changed to 6F in error car. How we recover the data and what the original data is?


3. Check the normal data, we will find the bytes in row BB0 is same as row 430 to 460, just repeat three times, so we can know the original data and how to fix. Go back to error data, copy bytes in row BB0 to blue underline three times to replace the data, save the dump. The data recover success.



4. Write the recovered data back to EEPROM chip #95320 with key programmer. Solder chip back to electronic board and restore the dash and assemble back to car, the error message removed, no need to do key reprogramming, we can start the car. Finish.


Generally dealer maybe replace the dashboard or engine control module to fix if got the car with such errors, they don’t repair the dash, so it will cost a lot of money and need to wait for some days, if locksmith use above methods to repair, less time and less money.


Data comparison is a good way we often use in key programming and repair, we also shared it in many posts. With comparison, we can find out the data rule and fix the data according to rule. Locksmith need to save the data all we read for future comparison or usage during locksmith work. Some key programmer is not stable may cause data loss, it makes us can’t continue program or repair, the car does not start with original working key, this is a very frustrating thing. At this time, one data we saved in our file folder many times ago can help us, it’s also workable for same model car or same ECM or BCM module.


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