A 2015 Golf 7 suffered a crash accident and the airbag deployed, causing the airbag computer to be damaged. Replace the airbag computer. Use the Autel MP908P diagnostic device to scan the car and get the fault: component protection active. According to maintenance experience. The component can be used normally only after fixing the fault “component protection active”. Below are the steps to erase this fault using Autel MS908P.


Step 1: Connect Autel MS908P with car via OBD port, after establishing communication, quickly enter the car model VW through the identification function of VIN code.

Step 2: Choose car model “BN – Golf 2014” according to the nameplate on car. (The vehicle nameplate is usually near the front passenger door or in the engine compartment, information such as engine model and displacement can be seen on it. )

Step 3: Choose “Programming / coding individualization” in main menu, then select “component protection active”.

Step 4: Read the prompt and click “enter” and then choose “airbag component protection”.

Step 5: Operate as the prompt, then click “enter”.

Step 6: Component active success, click “enter”.

Step 7: Return to control unit, choose “read codes”, the fault code is changed from “active / static - component protection active” to “negative / infrequent - component protection active”. Click “erase fault code”, finish diagnose.


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