How to fix VW Tiguan fault code : 000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation: Limit Exceeded”

This post is about a case that fix the faulty code 000564 on VW Tiguan. Below is car info.

What is symptoms?

Engine malfunction Indicator light occasional on, weak acceleration.

What is fault code?

Use VAS6150 to detect the engine there is a fault code: "00564 - Boost Pressure Regulation: Limit Exceeded”. Analysis of the cause of this fault should be: the pressure in front of the valve cannot release in time when the pressure is increased.

What may cause fault?

N75 Boost Pressure Control valve damaged.

N75 Boost Pressure Control valve wiring damage.

N75 Boost Pressure Control valve related pipeline damage.

Turbo charger damaged.

How to fix?

To diagnose the solenoid valve, first use VAS6150 to enter the engine for actuator self-diagnosis. The N75 valve has the sound of normal operation, indicating that there is no problem with the solenoid valve and related lines.

Check the pressurized pressure control unit, adjust the compressed air to a pressure of 1.5 bar, connect it to the pressure control unit, simulate its working condition and find the problem. The push rod of the adjusting unit has no action and there is a sound of leaking air inside. Therefore, it can be seen that the internal diaphragm of the pressure control unit is damaged, which makes it unable to work, thus causing the pressure of turbocharging to rise. The solution is replace turbo charger.


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