BMW mini use ECU Bosch MEVD17 in Engine control module. If disable immo for the car, we don’t need to read CAS ECU, only read Engine ECU. Below are steps to immo off Bosch MEVD17.


Step 1: read flash (MPC) file.

Read flash file from Engine ECU with tools like Ktag, Kess V2, CMDFlash, Dimsport, MAGPro2 X17, etc. If use Ktag to read, go to: BMW > MINI > Protocol P208, as per connection diagram to read and save data.



Step 2: Open MPC with Hex workshop editor.

Hex workshop Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows(free download in Google), 3 files saved in step 1, choose last file MPC dump and drop it to Hex workshop, will come with the data, Adjust the data structure to 0-F columns, go to row F0EB0, replace bytes 8B 02 20 22 with 00 00 82 12, retain remaining bytes, then save the data.


Step 3: Write the file.

Write the file saved in step 2 back to engine ECU with the tools have checksum correction function like Ktag, Kess V2, CMDFlash, Dimsport, MAGPro2 X17, etc.


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