IMMO Service Tool features EEPROM IMMO OFF for newer ecu and cover most of brand vechices in the world. It edits the EEPROM file and generate the data without immo.


Firstly, you need to read EEPROM file from ECU with tools, then use this software as following steps:


Step 1: Open the software, on the right section, go to do it >open the EPPROM file, the file have to be BIN file.





Step 2: After opening the file, the software will process the data and popup a window, save the file in format BIN.




Lastly, write the file we saved to the ECU with tools like Ktag, Kess V2, CMDFlash, Dimsport,, etc.

Besides immo off, it can calculate PIN code by proceeding PCM data for part of Peugeot, citroen models.


IMMO Service tool free download here: https://mega.nz/#!BYdRQCyC!F82s2hwAiD8SjcH61yvSqVUTREWDV2jx8TjauUfClaI


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