A 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL350, the airmatic suspension was damaged. After replacing the airmatic suspension, there is a fault light stayed on. Scan the car and read a code in airmatic suspension system: C156E00 – Level calibration not performed, and the code can’t be erased.


When need to do airmatic suspension level calibration?

1. Air suspension control module replaced.

2. Air suspension height sensor replaced.

3. Air suspension calibration fault

How to do airmatic suspension level calibration?

We use Autel MS908S to finish level calibration, check following steps:

Step 1: Connect Autel MS908S with car via OBD port, after establishing communication, turn on the ignition, quick enter car model through recognizing VIN.

Step 2: Choose: diagnosis > control unit > chassis > airmatic suspension > control unit adaptation (old Benz model, please choose “action test”).

Step 3: Continue to choose: Level calibration.

Step 4: As per prompts, ensure the conditions are met, click “continue”.

Step 5: the device system will perform the calibration operation and the vehicle will automatically move to the standard height. After the calibration height is met, the device prompts “vehicle is already within the required range”, and click “continue”.

Step 6: Enter the tilt angle, then click “continue”. (If you don’t know how to measure tilt angle, you can enter any value within the range marked in step 5.)

Step 7: Level calibration successful. Vehicle status is normal, continue to erase code, code successful erased. Done.


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