Succeed programming on 2010 Benz SLK300 all key lost with VVDI MB tool, below are steps:

Step 1: read EIS data with VVDI Prog

1. The car use infrared key fob, all key lost. Open the door with Lishi HU64 pick tool, disassemble EIS from car, open the case.


2. Start VVDI Prog software, go to: immobilizer > Benz > EIZ 211(ST12), as per connection diagram to connect electronic board, then read data and save dump.

Step 2: Write key with VVDI MB tool

1. Run VVDI MBA tool, choose “prepare key file”, load EIS file saved in step 1, load succeed, will appear file type, SSID, password, key number, key hash, key positions, select all empty key position, then click “prepare key file”, save the file.


2. Click “read write key” in left panel, input new key to key programmer, click “ identification key”, then will display the key status, version, Mark values and BE key type. Click “load key file”, select one key position file and open.

3. Click “write”. After writing data success, star the car ok.


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