2018 VW Touareg is equipped with 5th generation immobilizer, and we used Autel MK808TS to program key for this vehicle, it was successful. Here we share the program success in this post.


Step 1: Connect MK808TS with car, choose: Diagnostics > VW > expert mode > 5th generation immo (Touareg). (2003-2010 Touareg is generally Kessy immobilizer, after 2011 is 5th generation immobilizer, immo data is generally stored in BCM2.)

Step 2: Select “immo status”, programmed keys number is 2.

Step 3: Choose “read immo data”, as per the prompt, turn off the ignition switch, later turn on, then click “enter”.

Step 4: Read immo data successfully. Take a photo or screenshot to record the immo data.

Step 5: Choose “make dealer key”, put one working key into the key programmer keyhole, click “enter”. Read working key data successfully, and then put a new key to key programmer keyhole.

Step 6: Make dealer key successfully, then choose “key learning”, enter the key need to be learned (include 2 original keys), here enter 3. Put the keys to be learned one by one on the ignition switch and turn to the "ON" position until all the keys have been learned.

Step 7: All keys are learned! The vehicle starts and key remote functions works normally.


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