How to program BMW 5 series F18 after replacing a used instrument cluster?

Sometimes we face such a situation that even after repairing the instrument cluster, the instrument cluster still does not work, and we can only choose to replace it in the end. Replacing a new one will cost a lot of money, so many people choose to install a used one.

The used cluster stores the information of the original car, such as odometer, VIN. After replacing the used cluster, the following problems generally appear: 1. Most of fault lights are on. 2. The language is incorrect. 3. Red dot light is on. 4. Some odometer are not synchronized. Use a scanner to read the car two fault codes that are bound to display: the VIN are inconsistent, and the vehicle is not coded. 6, the hands do not move and other issues. (The picture below is tested on the platform).


In order for a used cluster to match the car, we have to program it. Following are the step by step process of programming the used cluster to match the car.

Here we take BMW 5 series F18 replace a used cluster for an example to show the steps.

Step 1: Reset used cluster data.

Disassemble cluster, there is an 8-pin EEPROM chip No.160D on the electronic board, the chip stores vehicle VIN, odometer and other info.


Read chip with key programmer like VVDI Prog or Yanhua key master and save data, then modify the data to reset VIN and odometer. Modify way is: 1. replace the bytes in row 000 and 010 with 00, these bytes stores odometer.


2. Replace the 7 bytes VIN code at row 710 with 30, it should be noted this cluster has only one vin code in data, but some other type clusters have one to three VIN code in data that must be all replaced. Save the data when modify is complete and write it back to chip with key programmer.


Step 2: Coding the cluster

After resetting the data, restore the cluster and assemble it to car, then we proceed to coding. Start software E-sys, click the upper left corner to select the corresponding chassis number and connect the vehicle. After successful connection, a small red cross will appear. Select expert mode and click “coding”.


The first step is to choose “read” to read the FA, after reading, double-click the FA to active, if active success, green active will be displayed behind the FA. The second step is to read the existing ECU module please click “read ECU”. The third step is to check if there is CAF file in cluster module KOMBI, if no, need to click “detect CAF for SWE”. The fourth step is to click “code” after adding the CAF file.


After the coding is successful, show green “cafd xxx finished”. The cluster will be normal, the red pot light in the middle is also gone. (The picture below is tested on the platform).





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