The vehicle programmed is 2010 BMW X6, chassis E71, immobilizer type is CAS3++ (ISTAP). The car owner need to add one key, below are the programming steps.


1. Connect MK808TS with car, after establishing communication, choose model “BMW”.

2. Select “vehicle information”, the immobilizer type of the current vehicle was identified as CAS3 ++ (ISTAP) and the CAS serial number was 9287534, VIN and other info.

3. Click “key learning”, press start button.

4. The current CAS version is encrypted, as per the prompt to turn on the ignition with a working key, and click "OK", the system will automatically obtain the data (note: if CAS3/CAS3+ are all key lost, you will not be prompted to turn on the ignition , Just follow the interface prompts to operate)

5. Take the smart key out of car as prompt, then click “enter”.

6. The system read key info, please wait.

7. Choose an empty key position, then click “write key”, here we choose key position 6.

8. Choose the right key type for the car, there are 3 types: PCF7936, remote key, smart key. This car is equipped with semi-smart key fob which need to be inserted into key slot when start, here we choose remote key.

9. Remove the key from key slot, then insert a new key and push start button.

10. Key learning success! If the car won’t start or the steering lock light on the dash, need to synchronize ELV or DME accordingly.

11. Choose “synchronize ELV”, click “enter”.

12. ELV synchronization complete.


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