A 2013 BMW 116i with F20 chassis got 2 codes as below after replacing a new EPS:

4823CB: EPS: no current coding data stored
4823CC: PSC: CONTROL unit is not encoded for the vehicle

The cause is we didn’t encode the new EPS to car. We can use Autel MS908P or Esys. Here we will show how to program the new EPS using Autel MS908P.

Step 1: Connect Autel MS908P with car via OBD port, enter the right vehicle through AutoVIN.

Step 2: Choose “Diagnostics”, then go to: Programming/Coding > Selective coding > EPS (note: Special F chassis cable required in programming/coding function.)

Step 3: The device system will automatically generate “action Plan”. After confirming that the info are correct, select “Execute action Plan”.

Step 4: The system program will automatically perform the coding operation. During this process, please do not operate other electrical device on the car.

Step 5: Coding complete. Scan the car again, no EPS codes. Done.


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