How to program BMW FEM/BDC system if add key or all key lost?

Compared with EWS and CAS programming in the post we shared need to connect many lines as per connection diagram, FEM/BDC key programming is much easier on operation only need to solder off the 8-pin EEPROM. Here we share BMW FEM/BDC add key and all key lost programming.


What tool can program BMW FEM/BDC?

VVDI2, CGDI, Autel 808 or 908, Yanhua ACDP….. The operation is similar: get key info > backup coding > programming and generate FEM/BDC special EEPROM file > programming and Write original EEPROM file > restore coding > key learn.

What tool to read and write 8-pin EEPROM?

Yanhua key master, VVDI prog….

Use VVDI Prog and VVDI2 to program BMW FEM/BDC.


Step 1: Disassemble FEM/BDC from car. Use BMW test platform cable connect vvdi2 and FEM/BDC. Run VVDI2 software, go to: BMW > key learn > FEM/BDC key learn > get key info, then select programming FEM/BDC system, choose backup coding.


Step 2: Programming and generate special EEPROM data.

With VVDI2 software running and switch 12V power off, Firstly, need to open FEM/BDC case, find 8-Pin EEPROM chip 95128/ 95256( FEM with 95128 chip, BDC with 95256 chip) and read with VVDI Prog. Save the original dump. Load the EEPROM dump to VVDI2 and generate special EEPROM dump. Write special EEPROM dump to 95128/95256 chip.Restore chip and case to FEM/BDC module.



Step 3: Switch 12V power on and choose continue programming in VVDI2 software, then switch 12 V power off, open the FEM/BDC case, write the original dump read in step 2 back to 95128/95256 chip.

Step 4: click “restore coding”, load coding in step 1 and write back to FEM/BDC via OBDII. Finish programming FEM/BDC system.

Step 5: Key learn

Click “get key info”, choose an empty key position and select “prepare dealer key with ignition switch” in right panel. Come with 3 options, If have one working key, select option 1, if all key lost, select second option(need to read ISN code from Engine control module with VVDI PROG).


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