A 2016 Honda HR-V, after a traffic accident, the engine control module was damaged and the vehicle could not start. Replaced a new ECM module, the fault light is always on and the car still unable to start if we don’t program the new ECM. In this post we will show a guide to program ECM using Autel MS908.

Step 1: Connect MS908 with car via OBD port, after establishing communication, enter the car model “Honda” by reading VIN.

Step 2: Choose “IMMOBI” in control unit menu, then select “Anti-theft device settings”.

Step 3: Click “replace ECM/PCM”.

Step 4: As per prompt, turn off the ignition, then turn on, the system will show that registration of the anti-theft is complete, and turn off the ignition switch again.

Step 5: Turn on the ignition again, the program will records the anti-theft codes in immo system. The smart key enter immo system registration is completed, and then turn off the ignition.

Step 6: Start the car ok, the fault light goes off. Done.


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