How to program key for 2013 Porsche Cayenne?

Car owner wants to add a spare key for his car 2013 Porsche Cayenne, the key is semi-smart, and we programmed successfully. Here share the steps:

Step 1: Read BCM data with VVDI Prog

1. Disassemble the BCM module which located on gas pedal. The frequency 434MHz is printed on the module.

2. Open BCM, CPU #5M48H is on the electronic board.


3. Start VVDI Prog software, choose chip type “BCM-5M48H-backup”, as per connection diagram and use MC9S12 cable to connect line, please be careful in this operation as some components are very small and sensitive, then read CPU D-FLASH data and save file.


4. Restore BCM and assemble back to car.

Step 2: Program key with VVDI2

1. Connect VVDI2 with computer, go to: key learn > new Porsche key > prepare dealer key > EEPROM 5M48H.

2. Click “load file” in right panel, load the D-FLASH data read in step 1.

3. After loading, we can see the key information, 2 keys programmed with key ID and synchronization, then choose an empty key position, click “prepare dealer key”.

4. Put one new key to key programmer, strat to program, if complete will generate a new EEPROM dump file, click OK to save.

5. If need to program 4th key, just repeat 2-4, but use the new EEPROM dump file.

Step 3: Learn key with VVDI2

1. Go into car, Connect VVDI2 with OBD, go to: key learn > new Porsche key > learn.

2. Click “read”.

3. Load the new EEPROM dump file saved in step 2.

4. Enter the key learn number.

5. Click “key learn”, as per the instruction to change key fob till key learning success, then the key can start the car, key fob works to lock/unlock door. Done.



Some locksmith feedback the car is no response even use original working key after restore BCM back to car in step 1, check solder many times, the car still no response. What’s the cause? It is the oscillator near CPU, in connection diagram, we cut off the wire near oscillator, when we solder back, we solder too many tin that affect the normal work of oscillator. The solution is disassemble BCM again and solder the wire again with proper tin.

Porsche Cayenne key fob has 3 frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz and 434MHz, please ensure you choose the correct key.


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