How to Program Key for 2013 Renault Koleos via OBD

As the device has been updated, there are more and more car models can be key programmed, and it’s getting easier. We shared 2013 Renault Koleos key programming in previous post, we disassemble BCM to read EEPROM data at that time, but nowadays we can program this car model without disassembling, just via OBD to finish all procedures. Let’s check the details:

1. Connect Lonsdor K518 with car via OBD, go to: Renault > Select from vehicle > Koleos > 2010-2016 VIN with VF1*Y


2. Choose smart key program, the device will identify the VIN, if correct, click yes.

3. Take smart key away from the car, turn on the emergency lights, push start button, ensure the ignition is off.


4. Open the driver’s door, insert new smart key to key slot (under the start button).


5. Configuring system, please wait.

6. Program key success.

7. If program next key, if add one key, click No, If add two key, click Yes to program second key.


Note: If some keys we can’t program via OBD, we can still disassemble BCM to program.


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