How to program key for 2013 Renault Koleos with Lonsdor K518

As far as I know, many locksmiths own Lonsdor K518 key programmer, and this post will share how to program key for 2013 Renault Koleos with this device. For some Koleos models after 2010, Lonsdor can’t read pin code via OBD, need to disassemble BCM to read data with key programmer and import data to K518, then program the key with K518. Below are details:

Step 1: Read BCM data with VVDI Prog

1. Disassemble BCM which located under the steering wheel, open BCM.


2. Start VVDI Prog software, choose Koleos BCM (No. 1L15Y), connect BCM as per connection diagram.


3. Click “read” and save data.

Step 2: Import BCM data to Lonsdor

Connect Lonsdor K518 with computer, import BCM data read in step 1 to file folder “customfile” in Lonsdor.


Step 3: Program key with Lonsdor K518

1. Assemble BCM back to car.

2. Connect Lonsdor K518 with Car via OBD, go to: Renault > smart key > select from type> immobilizer 2 > program smart key, Push start button on car, the device unable to identify the car code, need to load BCM data. Click “yes”, then load data imported in step 2. If pop up log failure message, insert one working key to key slot in advance. Follow the messages to continue till finish the programming.





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