The car owner wants to add one key for his 2018 Haval H5, below is program steps:


1. Connect MK808TS with car via OBD port, after building communication, select: Haval > car model mode.

2. Choose: F5 > Smart key.

3. Select “key programming” (No pin code required in this function), if all key lost, please select “all key lost”.

4. Click “start”, the system will start to program key.

5. Place an original working key into bottle trough, turn off the ignition switch, and then click “ok”. (Note: The car can only program up to two keys.)


6. After processing to the learning mode successfully, put a new key in the sensing area of bottle trough, and click [OK] until the key learning is completed.

7. Start the car with key in turn, car starts, and key remote function activated. Done.


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