The case we will share in this post is programming key for 2018 Mazda3 Axela, the car is all key lost and the key programmer is Autel MK808TS. We succeed in programming the keys, check the below steps we did.


1. Connect Autel MK808TS with car, go to: diagnostics > China Mazda > manual selection > Mazda3 Axela.

2. Choose: 2018-2019 > smart key > smart key system (CAN)

3. Select “all smart key lost”, will delete all the keys and at least 2 keys is required to finish key programming.

4. Whether the ignition switch is on? Click “no”.

5. Take all the smart keys out of the car one meter away.

6. Press and hold the start button for 10 seconds. After the start button indicator turns from green to yellow, press the start button again, dash light turns on, then click “enter”.

7. The system is being configured. The process takes about 7 minutes. After the system is configured, the horn will sound.

8. The current number of smart keys: 0, all original keys of the vehicle have been deleted.

9. Turn off the ignition.

10. Turn on the ignition switch, when the start button indicator light turns green (within 5 seconds), place the first smart key that needs to be programmed close to the start button and click [OK] until the first key is successfully programmed.

11. First key programmed successfully, program next key? Click “yes”.

12. Turn off the ignition switch.

13. Turn on the ignition switch, when the indicator of the start button turns green within 5 seconds, place the second key on the start button, and then click [OK] .

14. Second key programmed successfully. Program next key? Click “No”.

15. Turn off the ignition switch, step on the brake, and hold the key one by one against the start button to start the vehicle for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition. All smart keys work and key remote function automatic generate. Finish.


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