How to program key for Renault Scenic, Koleos, Megane, Laguna?

Scenic, Koleos, Megane, Laguna four car models are equipped with same immobilizer system, their immobilizer system change over time, below is overview:

Before 2006: Use straight blade key, ID60 chip. Use chip copier like Mini900 directly add the key, all key lost programming, all key lost programming can dissemble and read BCM then make start key.

2006 – 2010: Use smart key system, ID46 chip. Key programmer can be Lonsdor, Xtool X100, OBDSTAR X300…

2012 – 2015: Use smart key system, some universal key programmer can’t program via OBD, generally need to disassemble BCM to make start key.


Procedure on programming older model Renault Scenic all key lost:

Step 1: Read CPU dump

Disassemble body control module (BCM) which located under the steering wheel, open its case and find and desolder CPU chip (No. 1K20C) from electronic board. Read CPU with key programmer like VVDI Prog, Yanhua key master…save the data.



Step 2: Make start key

Make start key with key programmer like VVDI2, Tango, TM100…All these programmer are very similar steps on make start key. Generally choose car type first, secondly, load the file read in step 1, thirdly, put one new ID60 chip to key programmer, then make dealer key and generate a new file, save the new file.

Step 3: Write key back to CPU

Write new file saved in step 2 back to CPU, then solder CPU back to electronic board, restore BCM and assemble back to its original position. Put chip to key, the key is ready to start the car.


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