How to program Toyota 8A(H) chip all key lost?

For new models with non-smart system after 2014 like Toyota MARK X, Levin and Camry…. the straight blade key fob almost use 8A(H) chip, but open the immo box which placed under the dash, can’t find the 8-pin EEPROM chip. For those smart system after 2014 like crown, mark x and 2016 highlander… the smart key also almost use 8A(H) chip. you can find the 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C66 near CPU in smart box.


How to program 8A(H) chip in above cars if all key lost? Below are two methods:


Method 1: Use Toyota special tool to reset immo


With Toyota special tool like mini900 TOYO key and other powerful device, connect OBD to reset immo and add keys. This method only fits some car models, not all.


Method 2: Replace new immo box and smart box

1. Straight blade key fob with 8A(H) chip

For straight blade key fob non-smart system, can replace new immo box and use universal key programmer like OBDSTAR X300 pro to add keys when all key lost. After adding keys, do the synchronization, then you can start the car.

2. Smart key fob with 8A(H) chip

For smart system, the EEPROM chip in smart box is 93C66, at present we can’t manual reset it to virgin, so we have to replace new smart box and immo box, then connect universal key programmer with OBD to add keys. At last do synchronization.



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