A 2007 Audi A8, the tire pressure light is on, using TS508 for tire pressure system diagnosis, none of the four tire pressure sensors can be activated. Ask the car owner to know that the original tire pressure sensor has never been replaced, and has been used continuously for 12 years. . It is suspected that the tire pressure sensor failed. After replacing with 4 Autel tire pressure sensors and programming, the tire pressure light is off. Below are the follow steps we program the sensors.

1. Remove the original tire pressure sensor from the car, check the tire pressure sensor information, the current vehicle is equipped with a 315 frequency sensor, the part number is 4D0907275A.


2. Connect Autel TS508 with car via OBD port, choose “TPMS ”, select: Advanced mode > Audi A8 > 1999 / 01—2009 / 12 (315MZ) > Information > original sensor information.

3. Check the sensor parts number, it is completely the same, and confirm that the model year frequency is selected correctly.

4. Install the Autel 315MHz MX-sensor to car.

5. Go back to Autel TS508, choose: position relearn > automatic relearn procedure.


6. According to relearn procedure, find the lable of tire pressure on the car, hit the car to the standard pressure, and let car stay for 15 minute.


7. Find “car/vechicle” button on car, choose: tire pressure monitoring > store current tire pressures.

8. Start the vehicle and drive for 15 minutes at a speed of more than 30Km / h. The tire pressure value is displayed, the fault light is off, and the problem is solved.


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