There are three common methods for throttle reset: manual reset, reset by disconnect battery, and reset by diagnostic tool. Generally, after replacing a new throttle or cleaning, reset needs to be done. The reset process is a computer relearn process and re-identification Throttle position and angle. In this post we will show a guide to reset 2008 Chrysler Sebring throttle body using Autel MS906.


1. Connect Autel MS906 with car, after establishing the communication, enter Chrysler model and choose "JS-Avcnger, Sebring" car body, year 2008.

2. Go to: Diagnosis > control unit > drivetrain system > ECM (Engine control module) > Multifunction.

3. Select “read ETC” (ETC is Electronic throttle control), as per prompt, floor the gas pedal. (If there are foot pads, some models may not reset successfully. You need to remove the foot pads before performing this step.)

4. Throttle control relearn complete.


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