How to Reset immo box to reprogram 2014 Toyota Tundra G chip when all key lost?

For 2014 Toyota Tundra G chip, it’s workable to use special device to reset the immo box without disassembling the Dash when all key lost, if no such device, we have to dissemble the immo box from the dash and reset the data manually. Below are steps to reset data and learn the keys.


Step 1: Reset immo data. Disassemble immo box No. 625395-000 which placed behind the Air-conditioner evaporator under the dash, open the box and find the EEPROM chip 93C66, read the data with key programmer like Yanhua key master, VVDI prog etc. Save file and backup. Open the file with Hex workshop software, modify like this: the bytes in red area all replace with the first and second bytes of the row 000, for example F358 in row 000 in below photo, then all the bytes in red area replace with 5358, other bytes retain. It’s same method as 2010 toyota Vios also use 93C66 shared in post




Modified data as below photo:


Step 2: Save the modified file and write it back to EEPROM chip with key programmer, assemble immo box back to car. Energize the car, security light will be on, indicate the modified file is correct.

Step 3: Learn the keys. If add 3 key, check below:

1. Insert master key, security light flash one time, pull out the key, security light will be on status.

2. Insert master key, security light flash two times, pull out the key, security light stays on.

3. Insert secondary key, security key flash three times, pull out the key, security light stays on.

Finish. Note: just insert the key, no need to turn it on, pull out after 3 seconds.


If only add one key, do the following:

Insert key to ignition, do not turn on, wait 5 seconds and security light keep on and shall be off after 5 seconds, pull out the key, then insert again, turn it on 6 times, the security light will be off, then start the car. if cannot start, need to do synchronize process use Short cable or paper clip to connect the 4th pin and 13th pin of the OBD and turn ON the ignition, many light in Dash panel will start flashing, it means the process is going smoothly. Wait for 45 minutes, turn off the ignition and remove the line.



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