The engine oil life system must be reset after car maintenance or change the engine oil to make the oil change due light won’t turn on. In fact, whether the light is on or not has nothing to do with the oil change, it is just a setting of an electronic product program. Even if the oil is not changed, an oil life reset will make the light disappear, and the oil life will be calculated again. The method of resetting the oil life of different vehicle is different, some can manual reset and some vehicles need a diagnose tool to reset successfully.


For 2017 Jeep Compass, the mechanic use Autel MS908 to reset oil life successfully after performing maintenance. Below are the steps.

1. Connect MS908 with car by OBD port, establish communication, enter “Jeep” model, select “hot functions”.

2. Choose: oil reset > reset maintenance information (IPC)

3. Follow the prompt, click “enter”, maintenance information reset complete.


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