Lexus 470 4D chip all key lost programing guide

The car we programmed in this post is 2007 Lexus 470 which adopting 4D chip, with manual write key to EEPROM chip to do all key lost. This method also fits other Toyota car with EEPROM chip 93LC66 and same data structure. Recommend reading the post <Toyota Vios (4C Chip, Old Model) Add Key, All Key Lost Programming, Reset Immobilizer EEPROM>, Below are details:

Step 1: remove the immo box from the car, open the box and find the 8-pin EEPROM chip 93LC66 on electronic board, read the chip with key programmer like Yanhua key master, VVDI PROG etc.



Step 2: 2007 Lexus 470 use 4D67 chip, get two 4D67 chip and read the key info with key programmer like MINI 900, VVDI key tool, handy baby etc. According to the key info and modify the EEPROM data like this : check below photo,

The bytes with red underline is first master key, and bytes with blue underline is second master key, yellow underline is secondary key.

First master key: 65 F6 repeat 5 times, F1 50 repeat 5 times, 91 repeat 6 times, write them to row 00 and 10.

Second master key: 04 B6 repeat 5 times, EC 30 repeat 5 times, D8 repeat 6 times, write them after first key.

If we need to write third master key, keep writing at rule.

Secondary key is in row 08 and 09, same way.



Step 3: Save the modified file and write this file back to EEPROM chip. Assemble immo box back to car then start the car, no need to do more programming or synchronization process.

How to active the key fob:

Step 1: open driver’s side door, close and lock other doors.

Step 2: insert key to ignition and pull the key twice.(insert-pull-insert-pull)

Step 3: Close and open driver’s side door twice. (close-open-close-open)

Step 4: Insert the key to ignition and pull once.

Step 5: close and open driver’s side door twice( close-open-close-open)

Step 6: Insert the key to ignition and close the driver’s side door.

Step 7: turn the ignition on and off one time is add model, twice is reset model.

Step 8: pull the key from ignition, central lock automatic open and lock one time, push “LOCK” and “UNLOCK” of key fob at the same time for one second, then push again in one second, at this time, central lock automatic open and lock once.

Step 9: setup more key fob, repeat above 8 steps.


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