Lexus RX270 All Key lost programming guide, reset EEPROM data

Here is some details to program 2013 lexus RX270 all smart key lost.




Step 1: Reset immo box and smart key box to virgin one

Remove the immo box and smart key box from the car. The NO. of immo box is 89784-48040, disassemble the pcb board and read the data of 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C46 with key programmer like VVDI prog and Yanhua key master, etc. Save file and backup. Modify the data like this: check below photo, blue area replace with zero, retain red area, remaining bytes replace with F, Save the data and write this data back to EEPROM 93C46.with key programmer. Solider the eeprom back to PCB.




The NO. of Smart key box is 89990-48240, open the box read 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C86 as same as immo box, modify data like this. Check below photo, Retain blue area, remaining bytes all replace with F. Save the data and write it back to smart box.





Assemble immo box and smart key box back to Car.


Step 2: Make dealer keys


Connect key programmer with OBD and push start button, the security lights will be on, then make the dealer keys with follow the steps of the programmer. Finish and start the car, no need to do syncronise process.


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