Maserati key programming - What device will use? How to program?

The key fob for 2012 Maserati GT is blue remote key, ID46 chip inside, frequency 433MHz, as below photo, there is other Maserati models also use this key fob, the key programming steps is very similar. This post will share 2012 Maserati GT key programming – the device will use and program steps. Check following:


Step 1: Read BCM data with VVDI Prog.

1. Disassemble BCM module which located on left side of steering wheel, we can find the OBD port on the BCM.


2. This module has two parts, divide them. Open first part, there will be a CPU chip #9S12DG256 on electronic board.



3. Start VVDI Prog software, choose CPU type #9S12DG256. No wiring diagram in the system, only have CPU pin definitions, we use multimeter to test four solder point as below photo: red line 5V, black line ground, yellow line REST, purple BKGD. Wiring complete, read the BCM data and save file.


4. Leave the wiring on electronic board there.

Step 2: Make start key with VVDI2.

1. Run VVDI2 software, select “immobilizer data tool”, factory choose Fiat, car choose ALbea, Type choose 2002-Magneti Marelli (HC912).


2. Click “load EEPROM dump” in right panel, load the file read in step 1, afterwards will display the key information and help information, we can see 2 keys has programmed, record the pin code show on bottom, then choose Key 3 which unused and empty.

3. Put one new key fob into key programmer coil, click “make dealer key”.

4. Key making success, generate a new EEPROM dump file, save the file.

Step 3: Write new EEPROM dump file back to BCM module.

1. Back to VVDI Prog, write the new dump file saved in step 2 back to CPU.

2. After writing success, restore BCM and assemble back to its original position of the car.

Step 4: Program key fob with Lonsdor K518.

1. The key fob can start the car till this step, but the remote function of key fob is not working, we need to connect Lonsdor K518 with car via OBD port, go to: immobilizer > Maserati > foldable key > program remote control.

2. Enter the PIN code record in step 2, then start to program remote key.


3. Programming complete, all procedure finish.


We also used this method to program 2004 Maserati Quattroporte all key lost, this car is equipped with no-smart straight blade key and Magneti Marelli BCM module with CPU chip #9S12, all the steps is same as above, but in step 2, we should choose type like this in VVDI2 software: factory choose Maserati, car choose Quattroporte, Type choose 2004-9S12.


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