Methods to Fix J518 module on Audi A6, C6, Q7, S6—“00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) - Defective" code

What is 00288?

This code is stored when receives an malfunction signal from steering column lock J518 module, if the module not work properly, it comes the dashboard light not turn on, the steering lock can’t be unlocked, the engine not start when key switch on the ignition. It’s a common problem on Audi A6, S6, C6 (2005-2011), Audi Q7 (2007-2015). Sometimes use diagnostic tool can erase the fault and start the car, but sometimes it doesn’t work, here we will post an economic way to fix, check following :


Why J518 doesn’t work?

There are three general cause:

  1. The motor (90% is motor causes fault)
  2. Micro switches
  3. Relay
  4. CPU chip


So we can try to replace some of 4 parts with new one.

1. Replace motor

Open the steering column lock, will see the motor. Replace motor not requires coding, just replace a new one.


2. Replace micro switches

There are three micro switches on PCB board, replace all of them, coding is not required.

3. Replace Relay

Relay works a lot, sometimes will cause loose connection, replace a new one, no coding.

4. Replace CPU chip

CPU chip damaged is not common, if have to replace, it requires coding. Firstly, find original CPU chip(3 types: OL01Y, 1L59W, 3L40K), read it with key programmer like Yanhua key master, R270, VVDI prog…, read EEPROM and FLASH data and save. Secondly, write the data into replacement CPU. Finish, no adaption is required. If we can’t read data from original CPU, after replace CPU, need to do online programming via VCDS or Autel 908P… After replacing CPU, we would recommend replacing relay at the same time.


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