Program 8A chip key for 2016 Toyota Corolla all key lost

We have discussed Toyota 8A chip all key lost programming in the post: How To Program Toyota 8A(H) Chip All Key Lost? This post we will share a real case that use method 2 to program 2016 Toyota Corolla 8A chip. Check below details:

We got a call that the car owner lost all keys to his 2016 Toyota Corolla, and asked the owner is a folding key or smart key with one button start. The owner said that it was a folding key. It can be judged that this car is equipped with 8A chip. We have no device can program all key lost directly, have to replace the immobilizer box.

After check the car ownership, prepare to start work. Open the door with tool, disassemble lock to cut the key. Next step is replace immobilizer box. The position of the immobilizer box is on the beam under the front windshield, so the center control panel must be disassembled, and the shelf is left after removing it. You can see the immobilizer box in the slot, we took a lot of effort to take it out.



After replacement complete, connect key programmer like OBDSTAR X300 with car via OBD port, follow the system instrument to finish the programming. (The key chip is Toyota Corolla special 8A chip.) Please pay a attention that the immobilizer box is disposable and must be careful when program the key.

If programming finish, need to do the synchronization process. with the engine off and the key in “off” position, jumper wire 4th pin and 13th pin of OBD port with cable or paper clip, push start button, many lights in dash panel will start flashing, wait for 45 minutes, then push stop button and remove the cable. So far we can start the car. Last step is program the remote key fob. Done.



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