Program BMW HP4 Race All key lost with Ktag and TMPro

For BMW motorcycle key programming, first need to know where keys are stored, there are three location: 1. Engine ECU 2. Immo box unit 3. Dashboard unit. Through checking ignition unit and dashboard unit, we can distinguish where the key is.

For BMW HP4 Race, the key data are stored in engine ECU. It’s Bosch BMSKP ECU. Here we show the steps to program BMW HP4 Race all key lost with Ktag and TMPro.


Step 1: Read ECU with Ktag

Disassemble Engine ECU which placed near fuel tank. Read ECU with Ktag, run Ktag software, motorcycle > BMW motorrad > HP4 > Protocol P188, as per connection digram, use BDM adapter probe to connect electronic board, with 12V power on, can read the data and save.





Step 2: Write key with TMPro

For Bosch BMSKP ECU, TMpro use Software module 109. Need to pay the software module 109 first, Run TMPro software, select BMW bike and protocol 109, load Flash file in step 1, it comes with key info, choose an empty key position, then insert a new PCF7936 chip to programmer as below photo, then click write key.



Step 3: Check encrypted chip

After generating chip, need to check it is encrypted, use KD-X2, vvdi key tool, Mini900 or handy baby to test. If encrypted, proved write key in step 2 is successful. With written chip installed in key, start the motorbike.


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