Program BMW R1200R motorrad all key lost with Ktag and VVDI2

Except VVDI2, TM Pro, TM100, Tango and TM100 can program BMW motorcycle keys, there are no many devices in the market has this function. For BMW R1200, we use Ktag and VVDI2 to program all key lost, below are steps:

Step 1: read ECU data

Disassemble engine control module (ECU) which placed under fuel tank, the ECU is Bosch ME9 BMSKP, read ECU with Ktag, run Ktag software, Go to motorcycle > BMW motorrad > R 1200R > Protocol P136, as per connection diagram to read data and save.







Step 2: Write key with VVDI2

Run VVDI2 software, go to BMW > key learn > file make key > motorcycle, load second flash(FLS) file saved in step 1, choose an empty key position and make dealer key, as per instruction put a new 7936 chip to coil, will generate an encrypted chip.


Step 3: Check encrypted chip

After generating chip, need to check it is encrypted, use KD-X2, vvdi key tool, Mini900, handy baby to test. If encrypted, proved write key in step 2 is successful. With chip installed in key, start the motorrad.


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