Program Toyota Wish after smart key module stolen

Once smart key module stolen, we need to replace a new or used one, then do all key lost programming. Disassemble smart key module(smart box) and immobilizer module(immo box) to do all key lost in the past, but now we have device to do all key lost via OBD without dissembling.

If replace a used smart key module, it may be not successful programming keys via OBD as the module data is from same car model. We have to disassemble smart box to reset data to learn keys. Below are steps to program Toyota Wish all key lost after replacing a used smart box.


Step 1: Reset smart box

Disassemble smart box No. 89990-68041 and find 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C86, read chip with key programmer and save the file. Modify the data like this: as below photo, replace red area bytes with 0, replace blue area bytes with F, retain remaining bytes. Save the data and write the file back to EEPROM chip. Assemble smart box to car.


Step 2: Reset steering lock

Disassemble steering lock and find 8-pin EEPROM chip 93C46, read chip with key programmer and save the file. Modify the data like this: retain the first and second bytes of row 020, usually shown 5555,. Other bytes all replace with FFFF, save the file and write the file back to EEPROM chip. Assemble the steering lock to car.


Step 3: add key

With steering lock and smart box assemble back to car, go to car and push start button, the dash will be lighted meaning everything going well. Connect key programmer with car, select Toyota smart system, following the steps, make the smart key logo held close the start button, two “beep” will be heard, that is the indication of adding key successful.


Step 4: Do synchronization process.

After adding keys, need to do synchronization. with the engine off, use Short cable or paper clip to connect the 4th and 13th ports of the OBD and turn ON the ignition, many light in Dash panel will start flashing, it means the process is going smoothly. Wait for 45 minutes, turn off the ignition and remove cable. Finish.


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