A 2016 Haval H2, the vehicle could not start. The mechanic found that the ECM (Engine control module) was damaged. Replaced a brand new ECM and used the Autel MK808TS to program it. Finally the key fob work again and the car also starts. Here share the program steps.


1. Connect Autel MK808TS with car via OBD port, enter car “Haval”, and choose: car model mode > H2.

2. Choose: smart key > smart key system (CAN).

3. Select: immo programming

4. Choose: After-sale learning. (This function can be performed by replacing ECM or CAPE (Keyless Entry System) or ESCL (Steering Column Lock), but at least one of the modules is normal and requires no learning.)

5. Enter the 6-digit security code and the device will execute the engine matching function after the security verification is passed. (Note: You need to obtain the 6-digit security code yourself.)

6. After-sale learning complete, and the ECM is successfully programmed, exit the system.Use the key to start the car, car starts. The process ends.


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