The 2015 Mazda 3's backup lamps did not light up, the central controlled lock failed, only the left front door could be locked, the other three doors could not be locked.

According to the maintenance experience, the mechanic consider that the car was damaged because of the rear body control module, and a new body module was needed. After using Autel MS908 to program the new BCM, no fault code scanned, the backup lamps and central controlled lock return to normal, the problem is solved. (The prerequisite is that the old module can communicate). Below are the program steps.


1. Connect MS908 with car, select the right vehicle model, and then enter main menu and choose “programming”.

2. Select: programmable module installation > rear body control module.

3. Turn the ignition switch on, and click “enter”.(the original rear body control module is still on the car)

4. Remove the original rear body control module(RBCM) and install a new one on car, then click “enter”.

5. Module installation is complete, click "enter”.

6. Follow the prompt to diagnose the car, no fault codes, central controlled lock and backup lamps work well. Finish.


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