Ssangyong Rexton all key lost programming

In this post we will share a method to do 2012 Ssangyong Rexton all key lost programming. Disassemble engine control module (ECM) is required, the devices like universal key programmer and TM100 will be used. This method is workable when adding key, all key lost and replacing ECM. Except this method, there are some key programmers can program Ssangyong via OBD port without disassembling like Lonsdor K518 and OBDStar X300 DP, you may try. But in this post, we will use TM100, check following details:

Step 1: read ECU dump

Disassemble ECU from car, open the case and find 44-pin CPU chip No.29FXXX, read it with universal key programmer like VVDI prog, Yanhua key master…and save the dump.



Step 2: Write key

Start TM100 software, choose SSangyong Rexton, load the dump saved in step 1, it will shows key info and chip, choose an unused key position, click “make dealer key”, insert a normal ID48 chipped key to TM100 programmer, click “yes”, if success, a new dump will be made.

Step 3: Write new dump back to ECU

Write new dump in step 2 to CPU chip No.29FXXX with key programmer like VVDI prog, Yanhua key master… then the key fob works.

We also used this method to program 2001 Ssangyong Chairman, they use same immo system.


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