If replace a used FEM/BDC module, firstly we need to check its version, ensure we choose a right FEM/BDC. It is recommended to use a similar version of the FEM / BDC module for replacement. If the version is relatively large, it may cause vehicle failures and cannot be cleared. The version number can be seen directly on the FEM / BDC housing. There are three methods to replace a used FEM / BDC. The three methods are explained in detail below.


Method 1: Transplant CPU

In the case of the same FEM / BDC version, the configuration of the upper part of the gateway is basically the same, transplanting the CPU only needs to remove some anti-theft BGA chips and eight-pin chips (95128 or 95256) from original FEM module as attached photo and solder on the used one to start the vehicle.


Method 2: Data cloning

When the original vehicle FEM / BDC can communicate, use VVDI2, K518 or Autel MK808TS and other equipment to pre-processing modules for the original vehicle module and used module. Take Autel MK808TS as an example, enter the smart mode or expert mode to back up the original vehicle information and coding, and pre-process FEM / BDC.

After the pre-processing is completed, the FEM / BDC anti-theft data of the original vehicle can be obtained by using the original vehicle key or the engine computer ISN code.

Write the original vehicle information, coding and anti-theft data into the used module. After writing, you need to reset the starter lock and learn the original car key.

Method 3: Data making

When FEM / BDC is not communicating, it is necessary to read the original vehicle engine comput to obtain the vehicle ISN code, and record the original vehicle’s VIN and the original smart key frequency to produce FEM / BDC data. Once we get the ISN, start to data making with Autel MK808TS, check follow steps.

Step 1: Connect Autel MK808TS with car, choose BMW, then go to: ECU renew > FEM/BDC renew (CAN) > Calculation parameter renew.

Step 2: Select “write the immo data”, the device will automatically prompt you to load the vehicle VIN, remote key frequency and ISN code and automatically generate FEM / BDC data. The data is successfully created and written into the second-hand FEM / BDC.

Step 3: choose “restore coding”, start to restore coding data.

Step 4: Select “key learning”, follow the instruction to generate the key.

Step 5: the key learning complete, choose “reset starter lock”. Complete.

Special models such as BMW mini F56, X1 F49 also have a steering lock module. After making the data, the BDC module and the steering lock cannot be synchronized, and the ignition switch cannot be turned on. Reset the 95640 chip in the steering lock to the virgin state as below photo (the original car is on the left and the reset data is on the right), and it will be automatically synchronized.


At this time, the vehicle can start, but cannot be driven because the transmission module (8HP) is also equipped with anti-theft. Yanhua ACDP, CGDI and other devices can reset the transmission module. After the reset is completed, use the BMW software E-SYS to program.


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