Three ways to obtain a key code for car

Sometimes locksmith make the keys need key code, below is 3 ways to obtain the code.

1. By VIN.

2. By reading ECU data.

3. BY key programmer


  1. By Vin

Key code is usually written in car owner’s manual if the vehicle was new, if not, locksmith will have to go for a dealership to retrieve the code by VIN, sometimes it charges depends on the models, it has 95% to obtain a correct key code.


  1. By reading ECU data

Key code is stored in Engine Control Module (ECM), Body Control Module (BCM) or immobolizer box, position is different on car models. Code readers from Launch, Autel, foxwell, obdstar, Xtool are efficient to get the code.


  1. By key programmer

Many key programmer read directly by obd2, no code needed, retrieve ECU information of tested control units including unit type, version numbers, and other specifications.

Autel MK908P, Yanhua mini ACDP, VVDI2 even can do all key lost for BMW, Benz, Porsche.


Once the key code is incorrect by VIN, we should pay attention:

  1. The VIN found on the car is same as read in immobilizer system.
  2. The car model match the immobilizer system
  3. Many times code ever entered make the car go into anti-scan mode, wait several hours or next day to try again


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