Toyota crown 2011 all smart key lost programming guide, reset immobilizer box and smart box

Why we need to reset immobilizer and smart box to virgin when all key lost, the purpose is to enable vehicle instrument to be energized and key programmer able to communicate with the vehicle, In the status of virgin, ECU can learn the new key.

No need to replace immobilizer box and smart box, just reset the data to save the cost. Check 2011 Toyota Crown all smart key lost programming:

Step 1: Remove the immo box which placed under the dashboard, need to disassemble the dashboard first, then open the box and remove the EEPROM chip 93C46 from the electronic board, read the EEPROM data and reset data like this: check below photo, blue area replace with zero, retain red area, remaining bytes replace with F, Save the data and write this data back to EEPROM 93C46 with key programmer. Solider the eeprom back to PCB.



Step 2: Remove smart box NO. 899902 which located On the right side behind the passenger's glove box, then open the box and remove the EEPROM chip 93C46 from the electronic board, read the EEPROM data and save. Modify data like this. Check below photo, Retain red area, remaining bytes all replace with F. Save the data and write it back to smart box.




Step 3: assemble immo box and smart box back to car, then use key programmer to connect OBD to add keys, many key programmer can add Toyota key, please note Crown 2011 has no key slot, require smart key fob held close to the start button when add keys.

Step 4: After adding keys, do not start the engine, need to do the synchronize process, with the engine off and the key in “off” position, use Short cable or paper clip to connect the 4th pin and 13th pin of the OBD and turn ON the ignition, many lights in Dash panel will start flashing, it means the process is going smoothly. Wait for 45 minutes, turn off the ignition and remove the cable. Finish.



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