Toyota RAV4 G chip all key lost programming

For Toyota RAV4, here to share two methods including add key (clone a current key) and all key lost programming, the methods fit toyota RAV4 with G chip, non-smart system around 2011

Method 1: add key

It fits the owner still have key, need to clone current key. It can be finished with universal key programmer, follow several steps in programmer can add keys easily.

Method 2: All key lost programming

Step 1: Reset immo box. Disassemble the immo box NO. 89780-0R040 which located in a groove in the back of evaporator under the dash. Open the box and find the EEPROM chip 93C66 on the electronic board, read the chip with key programmer like VVDI prog, Yanhua key master etc. Save the file and backup. Modify the data( below photo) like this: Replace the bytes in all red area with the bytes in small blue area, for example 51E0 is in blue area, then replace red area with 51E0.




The data will be like below photo after modifying. Save data and write it back to chip 93C66.


Step 2: Learn the key. Assemble the immo box back to car, the security light will flash, then insert the key to ignition, security flash will be lighting after once flash, push out the key. Insert second key, security light will be lighting after twice flash, pull out the key. If no third key, need to insert second key to ignition and turn it on and off five times to stop learning.

Step 3: Do the synchronization process. After learning keys, security light will be off, but can’t start the car. We need to connect 4th pin and 13th pin with a short cable or a paper clip like below photo, then insert the key to ignition and turn it on, wait 45 minutes, then turn the key to off, remove the cable or paper clip. Insert the key to ignition and turn it to start the car.


Step 4: Active the key fob.

  1. Open driver’s side door, close other doors.
  2. Insert the key to ignition and pull out twice.(insert-pull-insert-pull)
  3. Close and open driver’s side door twice. (close-open-close-open)
  4. Insert and pull the key once.
  5. Close and open driver’s side door twice. (close-open-close-open)
  6. Insert key to ignition and close the door. Turn the key to ON, back to LOCK, then pull out the key, door lock will active once.
  7. Push key LOCK and UNLOCK at same time for 1 or 1.5 seconds.
  8. Door lock active once if the key fob match successfully, if active twice, match fail.
  9. Open the door to finish.


These 4 steps can help locksmith to finish key replacement when all key lost. Please pay attention to read the data from key-lost car, do not use the data from other car.


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