Toyota Sienna all key lost programming

Toyota Sienna key has non-smart straight blade key fob and smart key fob. For straight blade key all key lost, the method is same as other Toyota car need to disassemble immo box to write key to EEPROM data or reset data.


If smart key all lost, below 3 methods is workable.

Method 1: reset immo box 93C46 and smart box 93C86.

This method need to disassemble dash, take a long time, but manual modify data, only need a key programmer to read/ write chip and a universal key programmer to add keys.

Method 2: only disassemble smart box 93C86, add key with CN900.

No need to disassemble immo box from dash, only smart box, read it with key programmer, then load the data to CN900 to add keys. special smart key for CN900 is required. After adding key, start the key directly. Easy and save time.

Method 3: no disassembling, programming all key lost via OBD

With mini900 and TOYO key pro, we can program all key lost via OBD, no need to disassemble immo box and smart box. Special smart key for CN900 is required.



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