What is Vediamo software?

Vediamo Development and Engineering Software is for MB SD C4 system, With Vediamo V05.00.05, no longer need to apply online programming or online to change the SA.Use Mercedes Vediamo software any offline for car program, setting code, change the SA Code function.


Vediamo Setup and Activation


Firstly, download the file and unzip. Software free download link:!5EtA1C7A!dnePN6KeCJ7lDK9CDSa7QUz9yzNv34ueAy4_jjHP4w0

Installation and Active guide:

Step 1: Go to: SetupvediamoV050005 > follow the popup windows and install







Step 2: Go to: 5.05Patch, cope all 4 files



Step 3: Go to window desktop, right click the Vediamo icon and choose “ show in folder”, then paste 4 files and all replace original files. 




Step 4: double click software icon, a window popup, cope the” hardware ID” and leave the window there




Step 5: Go to: Vediamo_keygen_V5 > Vediamo_keygen_v5.exe, open and popup a window, ener the registration name with English letters, choose option “hardware ID” and paste the ID, then click “generate”, a key code will appear and copy it.




Step 6: go to window in step 4, enter the user name and paste the key code, click”register” then the registeration is succeed.





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