Volvo XC60 key programming with Autel DS808

Very few aftermarket key programmers can program Volvo cars, except Lonsdor K518, some Autel key programmer like Autel IM608, Autel DS808 can program Volvo via OBD. This post will share how to program Volvo XC60 with Autel DS808, check following steps:

1. Connect Autel DS808 with OBD, go to: Diagnostics > manual selection > Volvo > XC60 > programming > 2009-2016 > smart key > semi-smart key > all semi-smart keys lost.


2. Push Start button on car.

3. At least 2 semi-smart key is required. Click “ok”.

4. Turn ignition off.

5. Communication connecting, show the learned keys number: 2

6. Erase key success.

7. Click “learning” to start programming key.

8. Key learned complete, insert another key to key slot, click “yes” to continue.

9. Second key learning succeed.


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