For those car model with 35xx Instrument Cluster, the immo data is stored in instrument cluster, if all key are lost, we can’t read immo data by key programmer as instrument is encrypted. We can use this method to do key adaptation when all key lost. Replace a instrument cluster with 24C32 or 24C62 chip inside first, then read data from ECU and write it into the replacement instrument cluster to program it. Check following details:

Step 1: record transponder ID

Read transponder ID with VCDS, start VCDS software, go to: 25-immobilizer > advanced ID-1A, read ID and take a photo of ID.


Step 2: Replace instrument cluster and online programming

Replace a instrument cluster with 24C32 or 24C64 chip inside, connect ODIS, enter 25-immobilizer, following the steps till stop on program keys and exit. This step is to write the original immo data to 24C64 instrument cluster.

Step 3: program 24C64 instrument cluster all key lost and write transponder ID into dashboard

Here we will use VVDI2 via OBD to program instrument cluster. Follow their procedure:


1. Enter diagnostics 03 ABS, backup ABS coding

2. Disassemble chip 24C64 from dashboard, read original EEPROM data with key programmer and save.

3. Enter “ service mode”, load EEPROM dump saved above and prepare service EEPROM dump. Write sevice EEPROM dump into chip 24C64. Restore instrument cluster to car.

4. Back to main window and select right login type, load original EEPROM data and write it into instrument cluster via OBD.

5. After write success, read immo data, and then VIN, CS, PIN…show up, all key position is blank(since stopped programming in step 2), so we can enter the transponder ID record in step 1 into key 1 and key 2 position, then click “write immo data”.


6. After write immo data, click “make dealer key”, select “skoda” and “make OEM key”, choose key 1 or key 2, click “next”, wait till make dealer key success.


Step 4: Replace back original 35xx instrument cluster

Replace back original 35XX instrument cluster, if possible, read it with key programmer, check key ID, VIN, PIN… if they are same as read before, then we can use the key we just made to start engine, no need to do key learning.

Note: Above method is finished in car, we can also finish it on bench, just disassemble ECM and dashboard from car, then use VW 35XX ECU dash test platform to work on bench.


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