VW Passat B6 smart keys have two types: smart key and semi-smart key. Smart key is equipped with 46 chip, semi-smart key is 48 chip. Smart key is you can start the car when the key in your pocket. Semi-smart key requires you insert the key to key slot when you start the car. We need to know what chip the key use before programming the key. If all key lost, we can check the push-start button, if there is a key mode in the button, the key is ID46 chip, if not have, it is ID48 chip.


The programming method is same because Magotan and CC are same type car. Below are programming details:

Preparation: Read 95320 chip on comfort module with VVDI Prog.( take ID48 chip key as example)

Disassemble comfort module which placed behind the glove box. Open the module and find 8-pin 95320 chip, read chip with VVDI Prog and save the dump.



Step 1: Connect VVDI2 with car, insert a working key into ignition and turn to run the dashboard, not run the engine, start VVDI2 VAG software, go to: Passat B6/CC 4th immo, select “ get component security from engine control unit via OBDII”, click “ OBDII read login code + part memory data”, read around 15 minutes and save the data.


Step 2: Click “Load EEPROM data from comfort module”, the data is from preparation, after loading, it will comes with key info, key 1 and key 2 is programmed.

Step 3: Make dealer key. Use jumper wire to connect relay’s 30 pin and 87 pin, Select “make dealer key with part memory data in step 1”, click “load data in step 1”, then input new key to programmer and click “make dealer key”, will pop up a window” make dealer key success and record component security 7 bytes.”, record the CS.



Step 4: Key learning. Have one working key, now add a new one, and so enter 2 at the number of keys to learn, then click key learning. Insert original key to ignition and turn to run the dashboard, dashboard shows 0-2, pull the key and insert again to run the dashboard, dashboard displays 1-2, pull out and insert the new key in step 3 to ignition and push to run the dashboard, dashboard shows 2-2, pull out the key and insert the original key, dashboard displays mileage, that is programming keys success.

Step 5: Active the key fob. After programming the key, need to active the key fob, enter VVDI2 channel 46, click programming, choose channel 01, click test and save, then push the remote key button. Finish.

If programming ID46 chip, the steps are same except one minute software false dead for one minutes when click yes after input the key to programmer in step 3, no worries, just wait and follow the steps to continue. Please pay attention: when programming ID46 chip key, the new key should be taken outside the car, and car interior should turn off the device which produce radio interference as much as possible.


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