VW Touran 3.5th immo programming

VW Touran 3.5th generation immo use special ID48 chip, need to use Lonsdor K518, Autel 808 or VCDS... to program keys. Below are details:

1. Obtain key code.

As 3.5th immo is encrypted, some universal key programmer can’t read key code from dashboard, have to obtain from engine control module, two methods can use:

Method 1: disassemble ECM and find 8-pin chip 95040, read with key programmer and calculate key code.

Method 2: Read with FVDI, Start FVDI software, enter Engine control unit, choose ECU model (VAG/ME7.1.1/7.5/7.8), click “ read EEPROM”, it will comes immo data and key code.


For method 1, key code 50 23 is located in second and third bytes in row 020 and 030, after switch and decimal converting, the key code is 9040.

2. Program keys.

Program devices can be lonsdor K518, VCDS or Autel 808, here shows VCDS procedure:

Go into car, connect VCDS and computer with OBDII port, start VCDS software, go to: common > 25 immobilizer > Security Access 16, then enter the key code obtained in step 1, click “adaptation 10”, and enter 01 or 21 in channel value, click “read”, if value correct, next value “stored data” will show the key quantity, if not correct, nothing shows, thus try 01 or 21 till show the key quantity, then enter all the keys quantity in new data value. For example: The owner of the car has 2 keys, need to add a key, a total of 3, need to enter 3 in new data value. Then click “save”, insert one key to ignition and turn on, check the security light in dashboard, pull out the key after light off, insert second key and turn on, pull out the key after light off, then insert third key and turn on, pull out after light off. All keys programming success.



3. Active key fob.

Run VCDS, go to : common > 46 central Conv. Enter 01 in channel value, click “ test”. Enter 1 in new data, push remote key button more than 1 second, then click “save”, push button again for more than 1 second. Active success.



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