What is CAN, LIN and MOST in auto?

CAN is the abbreviation of Controller Area Network, which means that the control unit (ECU) performs data exchange through the network. The CAN bus is one of the most widely used fieldbuses in the world. The application of the CAN bus on cars is very common. It is reported that since 2004, almost 100% of new models use CAN bus, and the average utilization rate of all models exceeds 90%, Especially in Europe.

LIN is the abbreviation of Local Interconnect Network. It is a new low-cost serial communication network for distributed electronic systems in automobiles. It complies with the ISO-9141 standard and is specifically used for short-distance, low-speed network communications, and exists as an auxiliary network or sub-network.

MOST is the abbreviation of Media Oriented System Transport, which means media-oriented system transmission, and represents a media-based data transmission network, which means that the system transmits information that matches the address to a receiver. It’s different from CAN bus. MOST is a standard high-speed data transmission system that uses optical fiber as an information transmission medium and uses a ring topology to transmit digital signals.


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