What may cause Benz steering angle sensor (N49) fault and how to fix?

What happens if Mercedes-Benz steering angle sensor is bad or failing?

When the steering sensor is failing, the car may go into limp mode, ESP, BAS, ABS or SLIP lights in dash won’t turn off, after error code scanning, there are different codes like: C1140-016 Steering angle sensor (N49), C1C3F - Check component N49 (Steering Angle Sensor), C1174 - N49 Steering angle sensor not initialized, C1035 - Signal from N49 (Steering Angle Sensor) is faulty, all points to steering angle sensor. It is a common malfunction in Benz, especially in C and E class.

Steering angle sensor is responsible for the car's stability and grip, affect the traction control, the abs brakes or both.

Where is Benz steering angle sensor?

Steering angle sensor is located in the steering column assembly.


What to do when failing steering angle sensor?

If the scanner shows to check component steering angle sensor (N49), we should get the sensor repaired or replaced.

What may cause steering angle sensor fault and how to repair?


1. The contaminants

In the interior of the sensors, there is a golden disc with many trough covered and a transparent plastic Optics component, when shaft rotates, these parts move and converted into electrical signals and transmit into ECU. If there are contaminants on the disc and plastic component, the optics will be blocked, electrical signal faulty is reported. Cleaning contaminants is a good way to repair faulty, and most of problem caused by contaminants, so we need to first check it. Disassemble disc and plastic optics component from the sensor and rub it with alcohol to wash away any contaminants, after they dry and assemble back to original position.

2. Loose CPU soldering

As CPU has many pins, and some pins may be inveracious soldered, solder CPU.

3. IC damaged

If the steering angle sensor electricity IC chip TLE7263 is damaged, the electricity supply is cut off and the sensor will stop work. Get the IC chip replaced, the chip is cheap.

4. Data loss

Data loss is a rare cause, if occurs, need to do data recovery. Find EEPROM chip and read it with key programmer, compared a complete data from a work well car, if data loss, write the complete data to chip.

Once we have the sensor problem, try above solutions one by one till solved. Once all is not work, we can consider to replace a steering angle sensor. Buy a new or used one by VIN, after replacement, start the car and check the light in dash, if shows faulty, use a diagnostic device to erase codes.


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